About Us

Antiques & Collectibles

Our family was involved in the antique/auction industry 20 years ago. Tonya became a real estate agent/manager and auctioneer managing real estate auctions for the Team Realty 1st's Stockport branch office, and decided to not only sell real estate, but also conduct auctions pertaining to real estate.

Tonya holds multiple degrees and has experience in a number of other professional industries. However, she finds much joy in making deals and giving deals in the auction industry. Due to her love of the auction industry, she decided to open the 792 auction center, this was an established auction center in Southeast Ohio area. It is one of the largest auction centers in the area, boasting over 6,000 square feet.

About Tonya Dodd

Tonya recieved her first real estate license in 1995 and eventually came up with the idea of doing real estate with auctions, to fulfill her desire to participate in the auctioning industry. She  is currently a full-time auctioneer for Team Realty 1st, an established compnay for over three decades and has been asked by Chester Hill to be the auctioneer for the Chester Hill Produce. Tonya is also a full time auctioneer and owner of the 792 auction center.

Auction, which is held twice a week.

Tonya's close girlfriend, Brigitte Kruse, a luxury assets auctioneer in the greater Los Angeles area, is the one who just auctioned off Elvis Presley's plane. She invited Tonya out to Las Vegas for the Guinness Book of World Records attempts for five records, and among them are:
  • The Most Women Auctioneers
  • The Most Auctioneers
  • The Most Languages At an Auction

Our Vision Keeps Us Going

We envision our company will expand and offer a robust online auction service that includes asset liquidations of new products, from major retail stores to real estate auctions—as well as personal property and on-site/in-house estate auctions. This vision keeps us determined to reach our greatest potential.

Our Honesty Goes a Long Way

792 Auction Center is the most honest, high-quality, and professional service provider in the area. Our service prices and commissions are competitive, and our service outweighs the competition by leaps and bounds. We treat every customer like a king or queen and believe we are the best green/recycle system.

Our "Wow" Factor Is Like No Other

Our "wow" factor is our auction center's top exclusivity. We use state-of-the-art auction technology to ensure efficiency, and with no hidden costs, we can save our customers money. We can also customize our auction services to meet your individual needs and wants. We are family-owned-and-operated and believe in the concept that family comes first.